A bit about me!

Hello! I’m Erin Louise Harrison, a game art masters student at Escape Studios! I freelance as a games journalist; my first features are for The Guardian and GamesRadar, exploring topics close to my heart such as accessibility into the games industry for low income players and students. Previously, I’ve worked as a freelance graphic designer for indie print and digital magazines, a copywriter and bookseller based in Seven Dials, an administrator for BAFTA Crew, and a QA intern on Assemble with Care at Ustwo Games. On my degree, I’m specialising in narrative and UI design.

Olympia: The Editorial

Featuring, one of my most successful zines – a collaboration with Olympia Contopidis to create an editorial and interview zine centred on her style and life online as an influencer. This project was produced in Autumn 2015 and has garnered 2000 impressions on Issuu.