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Journal / How I sought out therapy on my games degree

A personal piece that shares how I, a low income university student in London at a private university, started counselling and found therapy via the NHS.

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Portfolio / May Update

The latest projects to be uploaded, including UI art and print design work!

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Summer 2019 Projects


I’ve started a Twitter, where I can curate a board of EU-based game jobs posted to Twitter by studios or fellow devs. As a new undergraduate, I found it increasingly difficult to sort through or even find dev jobs via Twitter. There are so many different hashtags and new listings every day. Additionally, there seem to be a lot of Twitter accounts dedicated to sharing international or American jobs, but nothing for Europe. Hopefully, I can cater to that niche!

2. Article focusing on the ‘gamer without any games’.

This piece has been in the works for a while and I would like to have it finished before the end of May!

3. Zine dev interviews

I would like to dabble in creating digital zines again, particularly one that collects dev interviews with women in the industry, especially women of colour, or women with jobs i the games industry that don’t stereotypically fall under the term ‘dev’.

I have an interview prepared and one in the works!

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