The Last of London – Week One

19 – 25 February

The primary objective in Week #1 was to start the block-out in UE4.


Lead Art


Our Lead Artist started creating the art bible, curating images that will be the inspiration for map. He began by compiling mood images for the treatment, specifically of a dystopian London from concept art on Art Station, plus, concept art for The Last of Us. He also included wide angle shots of the scene, an early version of the block-out and further in depth shots of the Shaftesbury Memorial Fountain, tube station, Piccadilly buildings, vehicles, vista, treatment and sky lighting. View the art bible version one here.




We knew it was imperative to set up our Slack as soon as possible so Briz and I set up the workspace a week before the project began.


It is organised by channel categories, those being: admin, production, role, schedule and share. The admin channels allow us to inform the group about updates, rules and links; production will increase as the weeks go on, each channel specifically for chatting about the different stages in the pipeline; each role has their own channel which acts as a public forum for questions; schedule is for organising reference photo shoots, plus meetings; finally share houses our general chat and feedback channel, overall revealing the culture of the team.

I also began work on the narrative design for the project. We originally planned to have a lengthy backstory that explored the idea of different types of cordyceps infecting the UK due to the different strains mentioned in the ‘Planet Earth’ documentary. Our strain was going to have this bluish colouration.


A day later we realised that we have to much prep work to do to even entertain the idea of exploring such a developed story with a new type of strain and zombie. I went away to create a revised, simpler version, due next week.

Lastly, I aided with the art bible by creating a secondary art bible for foliage reference. This was so we could start considering which would go on the asset list next week.

Prop Art, Level Design & Environment Art

Cameron, Hattie, Shanna, Daniel, Makeiba, Adrian

The Prop Artists, Level Designers and Environment Artists worked together to build a first draft of the block-out. They blocked out the main explorable zones: the military entrance, fountain square and tube station.



Our lighting artist worked on creating the sky and fog sheet used towards the vista which can be seen in the block-out stills.



FX & Tech Art


Our FX and Tech artist created and tested procedural clouds, which we ended up not using, as well as created the light beams shown in the block-out as well as below.


Read about the brief here!

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