5 – 11 March

This week we started modelling our prop assets and presented our project!

Lead Art


For the past two weeks, Briz has been working on the first part of our hero asset which is the Shaftesbury Memorial Fountain’s body.

These are his high poly model pieces that he modelled in Maya.

This is what the hero asset looks like in the block-out!




With all of our production channels set up, my work last week consisted of putting together this blog! I’ve been documenting everyone’s day-to-day tasks on our dailies channel on Slack and taking notes during our stand-ups so I could collate and present this info here.

We wanted the blog to be finalised by the end of Week 3 as we had a visit from Ian Palmer from Supermassive, thus it was important that the blog could show what we’d been up to these past three weeks for our presentation to him.

Prop Art

Cameron, Hattie, Shanna

Our prop artists have been working on their assigned ASAP priority assets which have now all been given deadlines.

Cameron has been modelling and texturing the ticket tube barriers.

Shanna has continued to model the second part of our hero asset, Eros on top of the fountain.

Hattie has been modelling the Oyster purchase machines for the tube section as well.

Level Design

Hattie, Shanna

The block-out was prepared for the presentation for Ian and we did a demonstration of the map. This is our current, speedy run through of the map.

Environment Art

Daniel, Makeiba, Adrian

Daniel has continued his work on the modern building that will house the tube station.

Adrian has been working on the Piccadilly building again. Both of this building and Daniel’s have been given two weeks left to build.

Makeiba has been working on our foliage instead of the older building, as we believe getting the foliage right now has such a higher priority for setting the scene within The Last of Us universe.




Cat has been making puddles and working on revising the lighting from the ‘sun’. She used Photoshop to blend it in to the sky; additionally, she added and adjusted the angle of the god-ray and spotlight. It currently works in the fountain square but needs to be altered so it appears ‘real’ from afar in the military section.

FX & Tech Art


Haydn has been working on creating the flags and army’s gazebo tent top for the scene using NCloth. He also compiled a guide for the tech in the scene so the team could access it if he’s not in. You can read the document here as it’s updated each week.

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