Erin Louise is a writer and trainee UI artist happily working and studying in the games industry. Her focus is on developing UI for VR, accessibility into the industry, and storytelling.

In 2016, I moved from my hometown of Wolverhampton to study the MArt (Hons) in Game Art at Escape Studios. In Q3 2019, I am specialising in my final year, focusing on UI art and narrative design.

Part-time, I have worked as a bookseller and graphic designer at a book shop, as well as I have just started freelancing in games journalism.

My mother, a trained graphic designer, began to teach me her craft at nine years old, and I have been designing print, presentations, magazines and websites for the better part of thirteen years. In 2013, I started making digital zines for my blog, Birdlessly, with whatever I had available, at the time Word, good old Paint and online photo editors. Birdlessly received private funding after two years to be developed as a magazine, a project I’m undergoing solely.

Watching game play of The Last of Us introduced me to the world of next generation video gaming and cemented my path into the industry. At sixteen, I’d never experienced AAA console gaming before due to a mix of a low income, working class, single parent background.

Despite my absolute love of gaming, my game art degree, and university, my degree journey has been rocky. I have been a proud carer for my mother and regularly, openly talk about my struggles with mental health. That’s why it’s an imperative goal to work on industry accessibility so more kids with a similar story to mine are able to get into the industry too.

Fun times ahead!